• 11 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha | Eleven Faced Rudraksha Mala Seeds, Rudraksha Beads (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) 100% Original & Certified By Arihant Gems & Jewels

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    • 11 MUKHI / ELEVEN FACED RUDRAKSHA: 11 Mukhi 'Nepali Rudraksha' Loose Beads. Our Eleven Faced Rudraksha Mala is 100% Original & Certified.
    • SPECIFICATIONS: The shape of this bead is round and color is brown | It can be made in Gold, silver and Ashtadhatu | Ruling God is 'Lord Indra' and has no ruling planet.
    • SYMBOL OF: The wearer of this Rudraksha has the blessing of Lord Hanuman (The Eleventh Rudra) | At the time of wearing this bead, one should chant the Mantra "OM SHREE RUDRAYE NAMAH"
    • HEALTH BENEFITS: Recommended to cure diseases like Body Pain, Backache, Chronic Alcoholism, Heart and Liver Ailments.
    • OTHER BENEFITS: It helps to gain self-confidence, intelligence, physical and mental powers get more developed. If any person doesn't get success in his works, he should wear this Rudraksha for Siddhi.