• 110V Pearl Drilling Holing Full Set, Pearl Drilling Machine Stepless Jewelry Bead Hole Driller Jewel Tools, Holds Beads Securely for Precision Work

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    • The diameter of the drill is in the range of 0.3-4 mm. It can be drilled on various round beads of 4-35mm, including pearls, wooden beads, rosary beads, beeswax, ivory, amber and so on.
    • It is equipped with a dust box and a dust-proof hole at the bottom of the vise, which allows the punch to be drilled in batches (because pearls are produced by mass drilling, a large amount of pearl powder is generated, and the workpiece in the fixture is easily clogged) The pearl shreds are cleaned from time to time to ensure long-term normal use of the drill.
    • There are four screws on the motor base to adjust the direction of the drill. Control the chuck and pearl rotation, easy and efficient.
    • The supply pearl drilling machine is equipped with 15 pairs of clamps, including copper clips and plastic clips. Suitable for round and other shapes or special shapes of pearls.
    • Small size, light weight and beautiful appearance, suitable for any place. With a speed control pedal, your heart can start working with a head that can replace the punch size