• 1KG Gold Furnace 2102 F Fahrenheit Digital Furnace Heating Capability 2100W Precious Metal Casting Refined Gold and Silver

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    • Power: 1800 (W); Power: 110V, 50, 60 Hz / 14A; Maximum heating temperature: 1150 C (2102 F) Furnace capacity: 3KG / 6.6 LB
    • The furnace is made of high quality materials - quartz stone (high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, aging resistant)
    • The machine smelts quickly, the first time the pot is 30 minutes, the second time is usually about 15 minutes
    • Advanced PID modules and digital control systems provide precise and convenient metal melting
    • Graphite crucible has heat resistance and high efficiency insulation, and the temperature is uniform and constant during melting. It is a professional use for processing precious metals such as gold, sterling silver, pure copper and aluminum.