• addi Knitting Needles Click Olive Wood Interchangeable System with Skacel Exclusive Blue Cords Bundle with 1 Artsiga Crafts Project Bag

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    • BUNDLE: includes 1 addi Knitting Needle Click Olive Wood Interchangeable System with Exclusive Blue Cords and 1 Artsiga Crafts Project Bag; each Project Bag measures 13 x 16 inches, includes a drawstring for easy closure and shoulder straps for easy carry-on and keeping projects on-the-go
    • SET CONTENTS: addi Knitting Needle Click Olive Wood set includes 8 sizes of addi Knitting Needle Click Olive Wood tips (approx. US 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11); 1 each 24, 32 and 40 Skacel exclusive ultra-pliable blue nylon SOS Cords for inserting lifelines as you knit; 1 Click Connector, which helps to either store stitches or combine cords; 1 addiGrip to make changing tips even easier; 1 addi Needle Gauge (addi Heart Pin is no longer available)
    • CONSTRUCTION: addi Olive Wood Needles are created from non-fruit bearing olive trees, each add Olive Wood needle is finished with a plant-based oil to protect its unique look; needles are quiet and comfortable to work with, as all tips and grips attain body temperature quickly making them a great choice for arthritic hands; includes the Skacel exclusive ultra-pliable blue cords and snag-free joins
    • PRODUCT AUTHENTICITY: Item is designed and manufactured in Germany by addi for the North American markets designated by the Skacel package logo and Exclusive Blue Cords and exclusive ultra-pliable blue cords
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Item is covered by Skacel's lifetime warranty from any manufacturer's defect, deficiency or imperfection